Traveling Cuba

We are a German tour operator specialized in Cuba travels with more than twenty years of experience, offering all kinds of touristic services in Cuba, mainly for individual travelers and such that prefer small group tours. 

For individual travelers we offer all kinds of accommodation, like (beach) hotels, casas particulares (private homes) and campismos (simple touristic cottages). You may as well book all kinds of transfers with us, from domestic flights to collective or private transfers and long-distance coaches. Also we have a great stock of rental bikes in Cuba to realize your individual cycling trip. Of course, you may also rent a car with us. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of excursions and hikes, many of which take place in Central (around Trinidad and Cienfuegos) and Western Cuba (Vinales) and in the far East in Baracoa and the Humboldt National Park. We also offer city trips, guided tours, dance lessons and language courses in Havana. 

Considering small group tours, we mainly offer guided cycling and motorcycle tours and a small but nice variety of regular guided tours (no bikes) with the intention to get deep insights and a better understanding of Cuba.

Since translating and bringing on all our services may take some time, we apologize for a discomforting experience visiting our website. Please feel free to contact us via for further information.