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Bike rental in Cuba

Cuba is well-known as an attractive country for cycling tours. We offer bikes which are fully suitable for long distance touring. Our rental bikes are expertly maintained by on a regular basis and wearing parts are renewed. 

Rental Bike Cuba

Our bicycles

Our rental bikes are mountain bikes with touring equipment, all equipped with luggage carrier, a stable chain stay, 2 bottle cages and fender.

The bikes do not contain suspension.

You may bring your own saddle and  pedals. Since the seat tubes have different diameters, we recommend to bring the saddle only (without seat tube), as every bike is equipped with patent seat posts



Places to rent bikes

You can get your Cuba rental bike in Havana and Holguín. Rental from Santiago de Cuba was discontinued during the pandemic due to lack of demand and will resume depending on interest. The bikes will be delivered to any address within the city zones. You can also get the bike in Havana, make a bike tour throughout Cuba, and then return it in Holguín or Santiago or vice versa. In this case, there will be a transfer charge.

Delivery to and pick up from other cities such as Varadero, Santa Clara etc. are possible, but will only make sense for larger groups or long rents as the prices for those transfers are quite high.


Price per rental day (3 - 5 days) 16,- €
Price per rental day (6 - 14 days) 14,- €
Price per rental day (15 or more days) 12,- €
Charge for drop off & pick up per bike (obligatory) 16,- €
Rental deposit (depositable before departure) 400,- €
One-way transfer charge (only if applicable) 100,- €
optional: Luggage storage (per 1 piece) 10,- €
optional: Panniers  (bike bags 2x 20l) 20,- €


Conditions & recommendations

Bikes can neither be rented nor be paid on-site; reservation and payment are to be made beforehand.

Any additional equipment, such as cycling helmet and clothing, bicycle lock, tools, tire pump or the like is not included in the rental costs and can neither be rented from us (except panniers). Services like support, repair or emergency assistance in case of breakdowns or accidents are not included.

Once the rent has begun there is no refunding of the rental price in case the bikes are returned early.

Please make sure to book at least a couple of days in advance! Last minute orders cannot be taken into consideration!


Equipment you may want to bring (when touring longer distances):

  • Tools (we recommend multifunctional tools such as Topeak Alien)

  • Bicycle lock and helmet

  • Tire pump (for Schrader valves)

  • Repair Kit

  • Spare inner tube (MTB) with Schrader valve, 26'' x 1.75''


Booking order (for non-binding inquiries please send us an email)

Location and period of rental

How to measure your inseam:
If the place of collection deviates from the place of delivery, please add the address in the text box below.


Payment & Security Deposit

Please notice that we can only accept VISA or Mastercard. You may also communicate your credit card information via mail/telephone

Personal details and invoice address

Please make sure to also check your spam folder for our mail!

General Terms and Conditions