Enduro tour Eastern Cuba

Motorbike trip Cuba  

Eastern Cuba

9 days, starting from € 1.990,-

Sierra Maestra: Harsh Mountain Range
Santiago de Cuba: Cultural Capital of Cuba
: Lovely City with Spectacular Surroundings


Cuba's East is one of the most diverse regions in terms of scenery and climate. At the same time, its touristic development is relatively low. Here you can find the Sierra Maestra, the Humboldt National Park and - as a contrast - the nickel pits of Moa. In the easternmost corner lays Baracoa, oldest town and first capital of the country, with its special flair and spectacular surroundings.

This motorcycle trip guides mostly along the coastline through rural areas. Some stages guide through hilly to mountainous territory, while the roads' surface quality varies a lot.


Our motorcycle tour at a glance
Total duration (days) 9
Bike stages / Days off 7 / 2
Length of stage (km), Ø 155
Total length (km), approx. 1.190
Riding time per stage, Ø 4 hrs
Participants (min / max)* 2 / 10
*We reserve the right to carry out the trips with a higher or smaller number of participants.
Cancellation due to low registration rate will be announced no later than 28 days before the trip starts.




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