Individual lessons

Individual Spanish lessons - individually or in small groups

Aside from the fixed Spanish courses at the University of Habana we offer individual lessons with private professors. The teachers are mostly regular university professors teaching Spanish privately part-time. If you prefer to learn Spanish by yourself or in a small group, we recommand to book an individual course: the teacher's focused attention to just one person or a small group highly improves your learning results. 

You have to book at least 10 hours (at 60 minutes), everything beyond that may be determined according to your wishes. Usually you will be learning individually - if we get several requests for the same period we will arrange a small group, but even then you may recieve individual lessons for a small extra charge.


Duration Hours (at 60 mins) Lessons per day Price (in € per person)
1 week 10 2 130,-
2 weeks 20 2 250,-
3 weeks 30 2 350,-


The lessons may take place in your accommodation, if there's enough room. Otherwise we will suggest a place. 

The lessons are completely held in Spanish.