Social projects, municipal organizations

How does Havana handle social problems? How does the state react, how do the people and the municipality react? On the basis of visits to a doctor's office, a retirement home or a youth center we will be gaining impressions of how the socialist state and the people handle typical problems of urban areas: helplessness and isolation of the elderly, lack of prospects of the young, family problems and many more. In addition to that we'll have the chance to learn something about the regular social institutions: the health care system and educational system, for instance.


  • City tour through Havana's historic center (oldtown) with focus on social and municipal issues
  • City tour by bus including visit of the social and municipal project „Taller de Transformación Integral Barrio de Cayo Hueso”
  • Visit to the cultural project „Callejón de Hammel“
  • Visit of the studio of sculptor Salvador González

Duration approx. 2,5 hrs. Subject to modifications.


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